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Exploration Series

Do you find yourself looking from one luxury boat company to the next when you want the finest of all exploration yachts on the market? There’s no greater company to turn to than Bering Yachts because you won’t find more lavish, luxurious exploration yachts anywhere else! The Exploration Series is a popular series of luxury vessels, which puts emphasis on our exploration yachts.

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bering 60 exploration seriesSimilar to other exploration yachts, the Bering 60 luxury exploration yacht allows you to travel a range of 3,000 nautical miles. This vessel is special in that it can reach a maximum speed that is higher than some of the other exploration yachts – at 10 knots! With a contemporary look, this exploration yacht allows for a glorious layout of your choice.

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The Bering 75 is superior to other exploration yachts in that this type of luxury vessel has a range of 4,000 miles and maximum speed of 11 knots. The deck on the Bering 75 allows you to have a beautiful sight on the large deck. As far as lavish yachts are concerned, the Bering 75 exploration yacht is one of the greatest.

Whether you are looking for an exploration yacht with the greatest of all specifications or you are more interested in being able to choose how luxurious your exploration yacht is, Bering Yachts is the company to turn to. We have a variety of beautiful exploration yachts that will allow you to find the one that is right for you. When it comes down to the best luxury yachts, Bering Yachts has a wide selection to choose from, including the luxurious exploration yachts in the Exploration Series.

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