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Bering Yachts News

Bering 77’s Arina hull and superstructure joined

Bering 77’s hull and superstructure have been successfully joined, moving one step further in the process of launching the 23,95 metre motor yacht. Project Arina is a full displacement motor yacht with clean and modern exterior lines and contemporary interiors which have been cleverly engineered and ingeniously designed by Bering’s in-house team of experts. The Bering 77 displaces […]

Find the Right Model of Yacht For Your Needs

When deciding to purchase a yacht, it’s important to be aware of the different yacht models there are. Yacht salespeople will try to sell you the flashiest, most expensive boat available, even if it doesn’t really suit your needs. It’s important to know the type of boating you plan on doing before you ever make […]

Yacht Buying Tips For Beginners

Most people that own a yacht are successful entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and opportunity. Many people will purchase a yacht that builds on their lifestyle and business. People may want to purchase a yacht but have no sort of knowledge on the subject. The global yacht industry is expected to grow to $74.77 […]

Top 5 Places To Visit By Yacht

Traveling aboard a yacht is a great way to travel. Steel hull Yachts are greatly engineered yachts that make for a seaworthy vessel. Bering Yachts has a vast selection of Steel Hull Yachts. This kind of Yacht has prestigious features such as maximum strength, luxury models, and sturdiness. Traveling on a Steel hull yacht or other […]

What to Expect With A Long Expedition

Casting off for a small expedition in a yacht is one of the most fun and luxurious ways to travel. The open sea offers an adventure that is unlike any other type of travel. In a steel hull yacht, passengers will feel secure when boating on the water. They will also travel in comfort as […]

How We Engineer Steel Hull Yachts

Engineering yachts are no easy task and it should be constructed with great care. There are many factors that go into constructing the perfect yachts. They need to be made out of the best materials, handle the open sea, and engineered to be efficient below and above deck. Aside from the overall safety of the […]

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