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Welcome To Bering Yachts

An Invincible Platform for Your Next Expedition

Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the finest semi-custom steel expedition yachts and luxury steel trawler yachts in the world.

Through all phases of the process — concept, design, engineering, and construction — our vessels are the result of collaboration by an international team of architects, engineers, and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards. We employ over fifty skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facility in Antalya, Turkey.

Finest Luxury Yachts, Superyachts and Megayachts at Bering Yachts

Are you searching near and far for the finest luxury yachts, modern yachts, trawler motor yachts, and custom built boats? At Bering Yachts, you get more than the most lavish yacht and boat models. We provide the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury yacht design. When you want the top of the line, well-crafted yachts, like trawler yachts, steel hulled yachts, and expedition yachts, you can trust in the design structure of all Bering Yachts.

Trawler Yachts

Also called cruising trawler yachts and recreational trawlers, these boats are top notch and ideal as leisure boats. From large trawler yachts to even larger trawler yachts to modern trawler yachts, Bering Yachts has the finest product available to you. When it comes to the best trawler yachts in the industry, Bering Yachts rises to the occasion with the best of the best. Wherever you are going, Bering Yachts offers a high caliber of watercraft. There simply is no more luxurious line of vessels in the industry when compared to the trawler yachts Bering Yachts provides and you won’t find a better yacht trawler anywhere else!

Steel Hulled Yachts

Bering Yachts offers a vast selection of steel-hulled yachts. Each steel yacht designed by Bering Yachts was created to have prestigious features, including maximum strength and sturdiness. With Bering Yachts providing the best steel hull yachts and luxury vessels on the market, you’ll never want to set sail on any other brand of boat. When you want an efficient, well-designed vessel and the best of all steel hulled boats, the only luxury yacht company to turn to is Bering Yachts.

Expedition Yachts

As the leading luxury yacht company, Bering Yachts offers a variety of options for yachts under the line of luxury expedition yachts. With choices like the Bering 77 yacht, Bering 95 yacht, Bering 115 yacht, and Bering 130 yacht, you will see why these Expedition motor yachts succeed in being top of the line.

Whether you need a long range motor yacht or buoyant transoceanic yacht, Bering Yachts has the most luxurious yachts as part of the Expedition series. We offer the largest selection of expedition yachts in various styles and specifications guaranteed to fit your needs.

At Bering Yachts, you can trust in the well-founded, meticulous design and structure of all vessels, it is the duty of all creators of Bering Yachts to go above and beyond in the creation of the finest luxury yachts, superyachts, and motor yachts that this world has to offer.

There is no more reputable yacht company than Bering Yachts to turn to when you want the latest and highly innovative Expedition Yachts on the market. Providing luxury in design and features, Bering Yachts has surpassed all other yacht companies. With our extensive trawler yacht models, steel hulled yachts, and series like Expedition yachts, it’s easy to see why people are in awe over our yachts.

Browse our Bering trawlers for sale and discover which series of luxury yachts is best for you!

Structural steel construction along with system redundancy and proven commercial-grade components make Bering’s luxury trawler yachts capable and reliable. Bering’s naval architects rely heavily on cutting-edge computer modeling to build vessels of remarkable stability and efficiency to maximize the quality of life while at sea.

We gain inspiration from each client we work with, seeking first to understand individual dreams and desires, and then skillfully blending that input with the appropriate model. This is the truest definition of a semi-custom build, an idea that each and every member of the Bering team is personally responsible for delivering.

We invite you to read on and learn all you can about the four types of yachts we build for our customers: Expedition, Exploration, Voyager, and Coastal. Understanding why and how we build our semi-custom yachts will help you see that when the time comes to build the invincible boat of your dreams, a Bering Yacht is your ultimate choice.


Introducing Bering’s Superyachts and Mega Yachts


With our B130, B115 and B105 models, Bering Yachts has become a household name in the superyacht industry. We are well known for our high and luxury Mega Yachts just as we are for our smaller semi-custom steel trawler yachts.




  • B 92
  • B 77
  • B 95
  • B 115
  • B 130
  • B 55
  • B 65
  • B 65 Nomad
  • B 80
  • B 70
  • B 70 Tempest
  • B 50
  • B 60
  • B 75