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Bering Yachts launched operations in 2007 with Alexei Mikhailov and Alexander Obidin at the helm. Alexei and Alexander had partnered on projects as far back as 1990 when they undertake the conversion of a 136' commercial vessel into a luxury yacht in the city of Magadan, Russia. In 2001 Alexander started his own shipyard in the Volga River region of Russia during which time Alexei owned a commercial fishing company comprised of five fishing trawlers. After nearly twenty years of dreaming about owning and running their own yacht building company, in 2007 they finally saw their dream become a reality.

Courtesy of Wallace Kaufman
Taking design cues from the proven fishing trawlers of Norway, Bering Yachts was founded to bring a uniquely rugged and reliable long-range exploration trawler line to the marketplace. Bering Yachts' line of trawlers ranges in size from 50' to 80' and all our models are capable of crossing any ocean with a crew consisting of only husband and wife (or any other crew of two, for that matter). Indeed, Bering Yachts prides itself on designing, engineering, and building yachts that can go anywhere and do anything without a large crew and unnecessarily complicated systems.

Bering Yachts brings together highly experienced professionals and superior materials from around the world to design, engineer, and build our line of trawlers. Our professionals include:
  • Australian designer that bring elegant, yet rugged styling and designs to our line of yachts
  • Russian-based naval architect who are expert in developing hull forms that will stand up to the harshest of conditions, such as the demanding, high-latitude seas
  • An in-house engineering team, residing on-site at our shipyard, that directly oversees all built standards and material specifications thereby ensuring that each yacht not only meets, but actually exceeds the planned operating requirements
  • Our equipment, parts and materials are American-sourced and chosen for having the highest standards of quality and reliability

Our expertise and materials converge at our state-of-the-art shipyards in Foshan, China and Antalia, Turkey, where we manage all aspects of the build process in-house, from engineering and design to purchasing, production and quality control. We specifically chose these two locations for the simple fact that they both provide the right combination of mature and developed local marine industry and economical labor rates, allowin us to provide the highest quality product at a truly competitive price point.

The ultimate result of Bering Yacht's vision, expertise, materials, and overall commitment to excellence is our unparalleled line of yachts. We utilize a unique, semi-custom approach for the construction of our rugged, seagoing vessels that are very competitively priced. Furthermore, our "hands-on" approach allows you to have significant input into the designing and equipping of your future yacht. Our experts will guide and assist you in customizing your vessel to match your exact needs.

When you first see our yachts, you'll immediately notice that they are striking to behold and offer the highest levels of luxury. Additionally, because of our superior design and construction approach, our yachts are bold, seaworthy, and comfortable passagemakers that provide the highest levels of safety that have traditionally only been available to commercial vessels.

We are proud to offer a very comprehensive manufacturer warranty. When we build one of our trawlers, we build it to last. Our warranty reflects that commitment.

Simply put, Bering Yachts is committed to becoming the undisputed leader of a new caliber of vessel: recreational, semi-custom steel trawlers that provide the maximum in luxury and go-anywhere, do-anything durability. For us, building our customer's boats are a true passion, a commitment we believe in to our core. We love what we do and put that dedication and passion into each and every project.